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Name: Benio

Series: Zone-00

Species: Yatagarasu
Sex: Male--though looks, smells, and will act female
Age: Over 250, looks around 14

Height: 5'1"
Hair: Champagne-gold
Eyes: Bright gold

Distinguishing marks: Front tattoos and scars. Back tattoos. Has gold wings as Benio and red wings as Kisshou. Eyes are always dilated from usage--pupils are slit horizontally as Kisshou.

Clothing/accessories: Dresses only in girls’ clothes, dresses, mini-shorts, tank tops, etc, and hair is normally done up in cute ways. As Kisshou, the clothes range a bit more towards "decadent," and the S&M side of things--straps, collars, bindings, and little else.

Weapons: 1. Bow. 2. Bell. 3. Blades.

Notes: Beni's unable to be told apart from females by any sense, and can only be revealed as a male by stripping. Feel free to PM if there's any questions.

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